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Protect Asylum to Protect Lives

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Firsthand stories from courageous women who have left everything they know behind to find safety and justice

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Asylum Means Survival


The rate of femicides (gender-motivated killings of women) in Honduras is 12 times the global average. It’s nearly 6 times the average in El Salvador and triple in Guatemala.


In Guatemala, 99% of violent crimes against women are dismissed.


Congress passed the Refugee Act, enshrining in U.S. law our commitment to protecting refugees in accordance with international law.


The percentage of asylum cases rejected by Stuart Couch, the immigration judge who twice denied Ms. A.B. asylum.


Between 2008 and 2015, there was a 390% increase in domestic violence cases in Honduras.

35 years

The average life expectancy for transgender women in El Salvador.


Asylum approval rates for Salvadorans, Guatemalans, and Hondurans declined sharply - by 38% - following Jeff Sessions’ June 2018 Matter of A-B- ruling.


50,000+ asylum seekers and immigrants are currently locked up in immigration prisons.


Take Action

Sending survivors of domestic and sexual violence purposefully back into harm’s way should be unthinkable. Yet that is precisely what Trump, his administration, and his supporters in Congress are doing. Use our action toolkit to stand with immigrant women and protect asylum to protect lives.


The Center for Gender & Refugee Studies protects the fundamental
human rights of refugee women, children, LGBT individuals, and
others who flee persecution in their home countries through legal
expertise and training, impact litigation, policy development,
research, and in-country fact-finding.

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