The Immigrant Women Too campaign salutes those presidential candidates who have recognized that we must protect asylum to protect lives. We call on all 2020 candidates to commit to reversing Matter of A-B- and restoring asylum protections for those fleeing domestic violence and gang brutality.

To learn more, see our factsheet and policy recommendations for the next administration – also available in Spanish.

Joe Biden

“Under the Biden Administration, the U.S. Department of Justice will reinstate explicit asylum protections — rescinded by the Trump Administration —for domestic violence and sexual violence survivors whose home governments cannot or will not protect them.”

For more on Joe Biden’s immigration plan, click here.

Bernie Sanders

“As president, Bernie will reverse DOJ guidance to deny asylum claims on the basis of fleeing domestic or gang violence, including those targeted for their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

For more on Bernie Sanders’ immigration plan, click here.

Elizabeth Warren

“I’ll restore President Obama’s promise to extend asylum for those fleeing domestic or gang violence and affirm asylum protections for gender identity and sexual orientation-based asylum claims.”

For more on Elizabeth Warren’s immigration plan, click here.