UPDATE: Following years of hard-fought litigation and advocacy, on June 16, 2021, Attorney General Merrick Garland vacated the Matter of A-B- ruling, restoring critical pathways to protection for refugee survivors of gender-based violence and gang brutality.

Immigrant Women Too is a national movement to uplift the stories of refugee women and defend the human rights of women and girls who turn to the United States for safety and justice.

Since Trump took office, his Administration has launched an all-out assault on those applying for asylum (refugee protection) in the United States – prosecuting asylum seekers as criminals, separating them from their loved ones, and locking them up in immigration prisons.

In 2018, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions took particular aim at survivors of domestic violence, attempting to roll back decades of hard-won progress. If the Trump Administration has their way, women and girls fleeing life-threatening violence will be turned away, deported to the very danger they have fought so hard to escape.

Together we are resisting this cruel attack on survivors, which has become a critical tool in the Trump Administration’s hateful, anti-immigrant agenda.

  • We are amplifying the voices of survivors. In their stories, they describe the harrowing violence that forced them to flee their home countries and share how being granted asylum has changed their lives.
  • We are mobilizing voters to demand that the United States continue to offer refuge to survivors of domestic violence and others fleeing violence and persecution in their home countries.
  • We are empowering attorneys and other advocates to vigorously defend asylum seeking women and secure victories in immigration courts around the country.