The Immigrant Women Too campaign salutes those presidential candidates who have recognized that we must protect asylum to protect lives. We call on all 2020 candidates to commit to reversing Matter of A-B- and restoring asylum protections for those fleeing domestic violence and gang brutality.

To learn more, see our factsheet and policy recommendations for the next administration – also available in Spanish.

Joe Biden

We’re a nation who says, if you want to flee, and you’re fleeing oppression, you should come. I would change the order that the president just changed, saying women who were being beaten and abused could no longer claim that as a reason for asylum.

Read the full September 12, 2019 Democratic debate transcript

Cory Booker 

“As president, Cory will meet our international responsibility head-on by removing the unnecessary barriers put in place by the Trump Administration including the Remain in Mexico policy, asylum metering, the asylum ban, guidance that makes it more difficult for gang and domestic violence victims to obtain protection, and the Muslim and refugee bans.”

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Julián Castro

“Protect victims of domestic and gang violence, by reversing guidance by Attorney General Jeff Sessions that prohibited asylum claims on the basis of credible fear stemming from domestic or gang violence.”

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Beto O’Rourke

“As president, Beto will: rescind the current administration’s executive orders that seek to maximize detention and deportation, including former Attorney General Sessions’ radical re-interpretation of asylum law that seeks to deny protection to women and children fleeing domestic violence and escaping from deadly gangs.”

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Elizabeth Warren

“I’ll restore President Obama’s promise to extend asylum for those fleeing domestic or gang violence and affirm asylum protections for gender identity and sexual orientation-based asylum claims.”

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